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Collezione Gioielli Nadir

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Chakra Brosway bracelet BHK86 PVD Gold

Base price €31.97 Price €27.17 -15%
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Traveling is like a dream, it means discovering new horizons and putting yourself to the test. Every country you visit leaves an indelible mark on everyone's soul and experience.

Bracelet in 316L steel, rose gold pvd with engraved world plate and Swarovski crystals.

Chakra Bracelet Brosway BHKB111 PVD Gold

Base price €44.26 Price €37.62 -15%
Availability: Out of stock

Be swaddled in positive dreams and protected from negative ones: dreamcatchers pass happy thoughts and positive energy through your centre to your brain while you are sleeping.

316L steel bracelet with gold finish with dreamcatcher, crystal crystals and erinite.

Chakra Brosway bracelet BHK272 PVD Gold

Base price €27.87 Price €23.69 -15%
Availability: 1 In Stock


You are my best friend, my confidant, my counselor, my accomplice. Together we laughed and cried, quarreled and made peace, faced hard but also wonderful moments. And I want to continue to do it always with you, sister!

Bracelet in 316L steel and rose gold pvd with engraved infinity and Swarovski crystals.

Women's Necklace Brosway Jewelry BHKN077 In...

Base price €40.16 Price €34.14 -15%
Availability: 2 In Stock


For all the time and the laughter together, for all the tears and mutual confessions, for our quarrels and reconciliations, for our complicity that I could never do without... for you who are the best friend you could wish for!

316L steel choker necklace, gold finish with heart-shaped pendant, infinity with engraving, crystal crystals and light sapphire.

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