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Brosway uses 316L and 304 stainless steel for its jewelry, as they are hygienic, resistant to stains, scratches and easy to clean. In particular, their chemical composition makes them a hypoallergenic product, resistant to the corrosive effect of sweat, dust and moisture.


Zircon is a stone defined as semi-precious, because of its aesthetic characteristics that make it very similar to a diamond. Specifically, zircon takes its name from the material that composes it, zirconium silicate, a crystal known for its physical properties such as hardness and brightness.


P.V.D. coatings are very thin metal films that are obtained through physical vapor deposition. They allow to obtain very high hardness, resistance to salt spray, corrosion, aggression by atmospheric agents and products for industrial and domestic use. In addition, the possibility of obtaining different types of colors, non-toxicity of the product and total absence of environmental impact of the production cycle, complete the fundamental characteristics.



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