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Chakra, the perfect elegant and creative bracelet for every outfit

Chakra, the perfect elegant and creative bracelet for every outfit

A lucky symbol, a zodiac sign or a letter. Sometimes a symbol is enough to express what we are. And what better way to do it than to always carry it with us, perhaps with a bracelet that represents our whole world and expresses all the nuances of our personality? The Brosway Chakra collection helps us in this, with many symbols to choose from religious or mystical ones, lucky charms, those dedicated to love or animals.

Talismans and amulets ward off negative influences and bad luck, attracting favorable events. The result of a tradition that has now surpassed centuries and cultures and that associates every lucky charm with a precise meaning. As well as symbols that represent the link with one's irrationality and contemplate union with the divine through the overcoming of natural limits, such as the bracelet with the tree of life or the hand of Fatima. Evocative elements, selected by Brosway for their strong symbolic value that help to collect positive energies and allow to represent thoughts and moods.

But among the different bracelets of the Chakra collection we can also find the courage to love, the strength to express one's feelings through a declaration or a sincere promise. There is no better way to express limitless affection to your other half, in fact, than with a necklace with infinity. There is no wish more beautiful than that of good luck.

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